A Beginner’s Guide To Vaporizers

If you are just entering the vaping world, it is important to note that there are cheap vaporizers that you can purchase to start your vaping journey. Basically, you spend less financially and still relish the sweet hits that the users of costly vaporizers enjoy. Even so, it’s imperative to be cautious as not all the cheap vaping devices are good for beginners. There are some that overheat, thus making vaping irritating. There are also others that don’t produce adequate clouds and this makes vaping boring. You have to choose the available options cautiously to guarantee that what you buy is not just affordable but also well-rated, unfailing, and efficient. In that respect, here are a few factors to consider:

1. Non-Overheating Baking Chamber

The dry herbs that you put in the baking chamber will vaporize efficiently if they are not in direct contact with the heating material. If the baking chamber is made of a low-quality material, it may overheat, thus affecting the final vapor. Therefore, you should go for either ceramic or stainless-steel baking chamber for the best performance.

2. Non-Overheating Mouthpiece

Just like the baking chamber, the mouthpiece should also be made of non-overheating material. This ensures that your vaping journey is prolonged and pleasant. If the mouthpiece overheats, then you may not enjoy vaping. In fact, you may hate vaping as it becomes unbearable.

3. Sufficient Airflow Holes

It’s necessary that the cheap vaporizer possesses air holes at all sides to facilitate adequate heating of the dry herbs. If the airholes are only at the bottom, insufficient heating will occur, and this will lead to the production of fewer clouds. If the clouds are less, the drawing experience will not be that pleasing.

4. Bulkier Coil

A small coil produces minor clouds, and this translates to smaller and unsatisfactory draws. So, if you are excited about beginning your vaping journey, you should look for a bulkier device, one with a sizeable coil. This will ensure that the clouds produced are larger and you take satisfactory draws. Furthermore, the experience becomes funnier if you draw more clouds.

Are Cheap Vaporizers Cheap?

Cheap vaporizers are not very powerful, and this is what makes them safe to use. Nonetheless, it is advisable to be aware of the quality of ejuice that you are going to consume. A low quality material may result into a horrible taste or may even be laced with harmful chemical compounds.


Plainly, you don’t have to pay more to start and continue vaping. There are remarkable cheap vaporizers out there. You just need to find the one that’s affordable and highly-quality.